March 30th Tuesday

postcard-barbarossaIt is pleasant to be awakened by music. On Sunday, the band, which is composed of the stewards of the second cabin, played a German choral, “Beliehl du Deine Wege.” This morning, the Cornetist gave us quite a nice morning call.

Upon opening our “Grub satchel,” I discovered that the cork had come out of the bottle of unfermented wine, and we had a nice mess in the grip.

We are gradually forming acquaintances. At our table there are, besides us five, a Mr. Wegmann (an architect), his wife and his father. Very nice people.

The sea is still smooth, but I am still pale and cannot get any enjoyment out of my cigar. We are still connected with the land by “Wireless.” Our operator has connection with two land points and four steamers, which is truly wonderful. Our captain is a jovial man and has a chat with us every morning. This day he distributed “Souvenir ribbons” with the name of the steamer.

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