Pompei, April 16th Friday


Pompei • Casa degli Amorini d’Ora.

We arose at 6 o’clock and took a carriage for Cava des Terreni. It was a beautiful drive through several pretty villages. Maiori, one of them, had as wide a street as we have seen in Italy; here we saw a stove factory. A very old monk on a balcony looking after us made quite a picture.

In Minora, we saw the first Macaroni factory with the little stuff spread on tarpaulins on the ground, and the spaghetti hanging on lines to dry. We had a fine view of Ravello and passed catacombs built into the rock.

At Vietri, we saw a large factory of blue cloth with any amount of the cloth hanging out to dry. La Cava is very interesting, with its long street flanked on each side by arcades.

At the station, we were received by a Cooks man, who bought our tickets and saw to it that we had two “Facchino,” who managed to get us into a second class compartment although we had tickets for first.

In the train, I took out my Italian, Self Taught book and struck up a conversation with an Italian gentleman, and we had quite a talk, mostly gestures, though. Arrived at Pompei, I stuck my head out of the window and called “Facchino,” and “Presto,” here he was!

At the Hotel Suisse, we washed up and had our first macaroni, also home-made cheese. And now, the three girls have gone to view the ruins, while Mama and I sit in the restaurant and await their return.

I wish to mail this from Pompei, so I close here. We leave for Naples at 3:40 and stay over Sunday. We are well and enjoying the beautiful weather and the really sunny sky of Italy. Love to all. I expect mail at Naples when I call at P.O. and Cooks.

Yours,  Dad

Pompei. Strada delia Regina.

Editor’s note: A “facchino” is a porter. 

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