Naples, April 19th Monday

We awoke at 8 o’clock, and, after breakfast, we hired one of those cute little cabs @ 25¢ an hour for three of us and rode down town to finish our shopping, bought a ticket to Rome at Cooks and a pretty bouquet of lilacs for mama.

I also invested in a box of Italian cigars @ 3¢ a piece, and they are worse than the “Owl” or “Spana Cuba,” but the better ones are strong enough to knock down an ox.

I had to have my speks [sic] repaired, and we then went to the Musei Nationale with the beautiful statues excavated in Pompei and Herculeaneum, also fine Mosaics from the same place, and fresco paintings found in the houses; lamps, vessels, pitchers, bread, surgical instruments almost like the ones they are using now, a model showing Pompei as far as excavated, and what is still covered—Bronzes, Treasure Chests etc. The statues are grand. I also visited a room which is filled with pictures, bronzes and statues taken from houses of worship.

Emily-coralWe spent only an hour here as we had to get home in time for lunch, which forms an important part in our daily life. Emily bought a nice coral necklace for herself as a memento of Naples.

After lunch, the ladies took a nap, and I wrote some more postals. At 5 o’clock, we decided to take a walk and we certainly were surprised when we found that we had stumbled into one of the finest streets in Naples, where the rich people are building new houses with the most exquisite carving of grapes, vines, fruits, etc., and tiling, forming a band around the entire front, are set in a sort of tablet. [sic]

And the gardens are built up in terraces with pretty statuary and filled with sweet smelling flowers, palms, etc. The road winds from our hotel up and runs along the high hill and gradually slopes down to form an oblong. It is called the Corso Vittori Emmannele.

Napoli – Panorama and Gulf seen from the Belvedere of San Martino.

At one point, it lead us right above the roof of our hotel, and a little further on, where it forms a rotunda, we had the finest view of Naples which we have had so far. It is the one shown on the postal cards, with Vesuvius in the background. From here, I would like to see the old fellow perform, but he is perfectly quiet resting from his efforts of 1906, they say.

We called at the P.O. this afternoon and received your nice letter of April 5th. The newspapers did not reach us as they are always a few days later than a letter, even in the U.S. mail.

I am glad to hear that the Waynesboro matter is settled at last, and we must now try to dispose of the lily panels. Better fix them up for the Show Room.

Yes, we had a good tail end of the storm on the Mediterranean. Congratulations, I suppose, are in order to your election as Secy. & Treas. of the Fishing Club, and I trust that the funds will not give you as much worry as those of the Orphan home. You say nothing, so I suppose Tutsy did not take a prize.

But, now I must close. We will have to pack our suit cases and, as we have all our things out and our washing done, too, it will be quite a job. By the way, they do the washing fine and very neat and reasonable. Cheaper than in St. Louis.

We all send much love. I am getting used to the ways of the Italians, which are certainly queer in many respects. The chamber maid has just brought fresh water and said “Buono sera,” and so say we.


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