Venice, May 5, Wednesday

Well, this is our last day here, and the sun has come out in full splendour to bid us farewell. Grace and Miss M. left yesterday morning for Innsbruck, but we were not ready to go. I hung around home until 11 o’clock and then went to the P.O. but found no paper or letter. The papers always take longer to come than a letter, and you must figure on this.

We have had a delightful stay with these people, and I wish that I could find more such nice “Pensionen.” Your letter of the 19th reached us on the 3rd, and I think that I mentioned this in my last letter. I wonder whether they will reach you all as I have “no copy” of them. Tomorrow, 8 a.m., we leave for Innsbruck, four days ahead of our time.

Ta ta, Dad

May 5 Venice

Afternoon, we wrote some postal, and Mama took a snooze. We then took boat for the Gardens at Lido where, at present, the International Exhibition of Art is held. After all the old pictures, it was a relief to see some modern pictures. After paying admission we were admitted to an inner part of the garden and found several separate houses, one for Belgium, one for Bavaria, etc., but the largest one, the Italian one, contained the finest selection. We returned home in good time to prepare for our departure.


The Church of St. Giovanni and Paolo is dedicated to John and Paul, not the Biblical Apostles of the same names, but two obscure martyrs of the Early Christian church in Rome. (Wikipedia)

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