München, Monday, May 17, 1909

We went to the depot at 10 o’clock and took the train for Starnberg, where we took a boat and rode out on the lake as far as Possenhofen, where we went on shore and took a walk through the woods to Feldafing, where we went to the hotel and took our dinner on a veranda overlooking the lake.

This is a beautiful lake, about 12-1/2 miles long and from 1-1/2 to 3 miles wide. Its banks are covered with villas and parks and, in the distance, we could see the mountains.

We had forellen (trout) for dinner, fresh caught in the lake. At about 2 o’clock, we returned to Possenofen, resting on the way in the woods to listen to the birds and to sing our songs. We then enjoyed a ride of about 3 hours crossing and recrossing the lake to make a landing at different points where passengers embarked and disembarked.

We also saw the Memorial Chapel erected near the spot where King Ludwig II went into the lake, and where he and his physician (who followed him to rescue him) were drowned after a violent struggle.

Home in good time passing a number of advertising boards, most of which were put up by the different breweries of which there are 22 here? The Hof-Lowen – Pschorr – Spaten – Hacken, Franciscaner and many other “Brau.”

Munich, Löwenbräukeller Restaurant.

When we reached home, we found your nice letter of the 5th, which is pretty quick time. Yes, we received all of your letters and glad to get them. We cannot write as many postals as we would like to write as it takes too much time.

No good strawberries here as yet, but we all enjoy the fine asparagus. Ta, ta, more before we leave, all send love. Will write a postal to Mrs. Humphrey now.


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