Salzburg, Saturday, May 29, 1909

We arose and Mrs. Cooper, who has been with us since we left München, decided to leave for Vienna at noon. She is from Honolulu, the wife of a doctor and a very charming lady.

She and Emily went out in the morning in the rain while Mama and I stayed in, but, in the afternoon, the weather cleared up a little, not much, and so we took a cab and rode around the town.

Salzburg, with 33,000 inhabitants, was once upon a time the capital of the wealthiest and most powerful principality in southern Germany. It is now the seat of an archbishop.

We had a look at the Cathedral, which is an immense building, in fact, so large that it looks empty, but it has beautiful fresco paintings a fine bronze front made in 1321.
Right near it is the Franciscan Church and St. Peters, behind this is the Burial Ground of St. Peters, the oldest in Salzburg, very quaint and very interesting, and, in the center of this, the oldest church.

Mozart’s House.

We saw Mozart’s house in which the great composer was born in 1756, also his statue. We drove through the Neuther, a tunnel 450’ long, hewn in 1765 through the rock of the Mouchsberg which brought us to the suburb of Riedenburg with pretty villas and gardens.

At the market, we bought some fine black cherries which we all enjoyed and, at six o’clock, we landed at the Imperial Palace and listened to the chimes which played a choral and, after this was finished, we could hear from far above us from the old fortress, the organ which is set in motion by a mechanical device.

We took a look at the Mirabell Schloss erected in 1606 by Archbishop Wolf Dietrich and its garden laid out in the old French fashion with fountains, marble statues, etc.

By the time we drove home, it began to pour, and we were glad to stay home. After a good supper, we went to bed. We will hardly be able to see very much as it continues cloudy, and to-morrow being Sunday and Pentacost and Monday a holiday, too, with crowds on the cars and crowds of excursionists, we may miss the best part. However, we are happy and satisfied.

More next time
Your Dad.

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