Wien, June 6, 1909


Austrian Parliament building, Vienna.

This being Sunday, Alfred and I just took a walk around the Ring, the Kartner Ring, and the Schwarzenberg Platz. Here is an equestrian statue of Prince Schwarzenberg, the victorious leader of the allies in 1813 and 1814. We also had a view of the Hochstrahlbrunnen, which throws a jet 100 feet high.

We went to the church of St. Peter, which has a handsome dome and was founded by Bishop Arno of Salzburg in 790. It has a very pretty altar piece, richly gilded, representing St. Nepomuck as he is thrown into the river. The pulpit is covered with rich gilt carving, and, on the outside wall, is a fine bas relief representing Karl de Grosse as the founder of the church.

On the “Gaben,” we saw the Trinity Column, a confused group of figures among the clouds, erected by order of Emp. Leopold I in 1693 in memory of the cessation of the plague in 1679, and it is called the Post Column.

In the afternoon we stayed at home and spent the evening with Cousin Fritsch and her children, Franz, Rosa and Arthur. Franz is Mechanical Engineer and Arthur is still attending school. We had a very nice evening together and went home pretty late.


Vienna Academy of Fine Arts.

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