Teplitz, June 11, 1909

We arose at 5:30 prepared for our trip to Teplitz. Alfred is going along, and he met us at 7 o’clock at the hotel. We all drove over to the Nordbahnhof [north railway station] and got a nice compartment to ourselves. We enjoyed the trip very much as it had turned cooler. We took table d’hote in the dining car and arrived at Aussig about five o’clock.

Here we had to change cars and, in New Aussig, Alfred looked out of the window and saw Cousin Minna Fritsch who had come to meet us. In Mariaschein, Cousin Johann was at the depot, and, at 6 o’clock, we arrived at Teplitz and took the bus for the hotel—Altes Rathaus, a very nice old house and good eating, too. We took Alfred and Minna to the depot as they go back to Mariaschein where the family lives.

To bed in good time. We are all very happy to change to a quiet town. All send love.


Scenes from Teplitz-Schönau [now Teplice in the Czech Republic].

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