Teplitz and Mariaschein, Sunday, June 13, 1909

Teplitz – Schönau

Early this morning, we received our Dresden mail: three Apologetes, Brother Becker’s letter, Tante Sophie’s, one from Tante Richen, one from Miss Hunt and yours of the 27. Of course, we were happy.

Alfred and Robert called for us, and together we went to Mariaschein, where we went to the old church which, in connection with a Jesuit Monastery, is a famous pilgrimage spot.

Our dinner we took with Robert, and supper upstairs with Johann, and it was quite a treat to see how they appreciated the visit of the American cousins, and we became very chummy. They are a very nice set, and I am glad that we called and came closer to each other. Your not calling on them last year was the cause of many tears on the part of cousin Minna and Alfred. I “Got fits” for not sending you.

We had a good walk through the village of Graupen and partly up the Wilhelmshöhe, but, as Alfred had to leave for Wien, we cut it short. Home at nine o’clock, to bed in good time.


Editor’s note: Hermann’s mention of “Apologetes” is probably a reference to the Christliche Apologete und Haus und Herd, a German-language weekly published by the Methodist Book Concern. The title roughly translates to the Christian Defender and House and Hearth

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