Mariaschein, June 20, 1909

A beautiful day. To-morrow is Sonnenwende, i.e., the sun has reached its highest point and the National Germans in Austria celebrate this by lighting bon fires on the mountain tops. As this place is surrounded by mountains, we have decided to stay another day to see it.

We arose in good time and rested all morning. Took a walk up to Graupen and had dinner upon our return with Robert. It’s eat, eat, eat all day, and they cannot understand why we cannot keep up with the procession.

Greetings from the romantic mountain town of Graupen.

After dinner, a nap and, after that, a climb up a little mountain to Heinrichsruh and old Ritterburg, but now a restaurant where we took a cup of coffee.

Home in time for supper, and, after that, we had music and Robert wounds up the evening by treating the entire assembly to champagne and making us a very neat farewell speech. To-morrow Emily and I go to the Sachsische Schweig with Johann to see the Edmunds Klamm and the Elbe, and, early the next morning, we leave for Dresden.

From there, we go to see the oldest brother at Arusdorf in Riesengebirge, and thence to Berlin. This will make us some ten days late in our trip, but Mama has a good chance to get acquainted with all her relatives, which is with her a main object of this trip. I am having my mail sent to Dresden.

Ta, ta,


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