Dresden, June 22, 1909

We did manage to “Tear ourselves away,” from the loved ones, but we spent another morning with them and left at 12:30 for Aussig. Robert and his youngest (Martha) accompanied us to Aussig and saw us off.

We passed the border unmolested—the custom house officer just looked at us and at the suit cases and said: “I guess you have nothing but wearing apparel,” and I agreed with him. We had a fine panorama along the Elbe, almost up to Dresden, where we arrived at four in the afternoon and found our rooms all ready at the “Wettin” hotel, which is around the corner from the Edelweiss where you stopped. I preferred it on account of its being fitted up new and on a more quiet street.

Dresden: Old Town Square, Main Guard, Royal Castle, Wettin Obelisk

We had our supper at the hotel and, after that, we walked to the Bruhl Terrace. This pretty garden rises above the river Elbe and commands a fine view of the river. It is approached by a broad flight of 41 steps, adorned with gilded groups of Night, Evening, Noon and Morning. The terrace is planted with trees and, of course, there is a restaurant and music.

Dresden – Steamship Landing Area – Terraces by the shore.
Church of Our Lady, Royal Art Academy, Castle Tower, Ständehaus, Catholic Court Church, Royal Opera House

We decided to look around town and came just in time to view a grand torch light procession of students. They were in parade dress, and the “Corps flag” was always in a carriage, protected by three students. We saw the different kinds of costumes worn by the different societies. There were hundreds of students on foot and on horseback, each bearing a torch, and many music bands, the musicians in evening dress with high hats.

To bed in good time as we were pretty tired.

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