Riesengebirge & Arnsdorf, June 26, 1909

Early at 8 o’clock, we started away from Reichenberg and had a pleasant ride up the mountain to Gruental where we had to pass the custom house again. We passed through Gablonz with the largest factories of glass bricabracs, which are exported from here to the U.S. They have 170 Export Houses, which gives you an idea of the size of their export trade.

We now reached the Riesengebirge and found the place to contain many hotels for Summer Tourists. At Hermsdorf, cousin Joseph Fritsch awaited us with his carriage, and we had a pleasant hour’s drive to Arnsdorf. More about this place and the people in my next. I am glad to be able to close this and get it off to you.

Your affectionate,

Arnsdorf im Riesengebirge. The Countess Matuschka’s Castle.

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