Eisenach, July 24, 1909

No rest for the tourist. I went to the bank at 9 o’clock to get the necessary wherewithal and, at 10 o’clock, we boarded the train for Neuss. At 11:41, we reached Cassel, where we would have stopped, but Richard Jacoby telephoned to us that he had to go off on a trip.

Cassel, formerly the capital of the Electorate of Hesse is, since 1866, the seat of governmentof the Prussian Province of Hessen Nassan. It lies on the Fulda, formerly the summer residence of the Electors of Hesse. The chateau was occupied by Napoleon III when a prisoner of war in 1870-71.

From the train we could see this and the Riesenschloss, or Octagon, erected in 1714, the highest point in the extensive grounds 1360 feet above the river Fulda. It is a bold structure consisting of three vaulted stories, the highest of which is borne by 192 clustered columns, 48 feet in height. The platform bears an obelisque 98′ in height, surmounted by a colossal statue of Hercules in copper and 33′ in height.In the club, there is room for 8 persons.

A cascade from the Schloss down to the grounds reminds one of our cascade at the World’s Fair. They are 300 yards in length with large basins at intervals of 50 yards.On each side are long flights of steps, 842 steps in all.

Cascades and Hercules monument.

We reached Neuss at 5:30 and were met at the depot by Else, the wife of Theodore Fritsch, cousin of your mama, who gave us a royal welcome and took us to their home which is surrounded by a large garden.

We met her mother, the widow of a Major Von Mienichreiter, a very pleasant lady. We have very pleasant rooms here which I need not describe as you “Have been there.”

Marienborn [monument]

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