Neuss, July 26, 1909

My dear boy,

At last we have found a “Haven of Rest.” The weather is not favorable for drives or sightseeing, and it is almost like in autumn. Raining and blowing, so we stay at home and gather new strength for future work.

The Fritsch family treats us royally, and Else (Mrs. F.) takes pleasure in making dishes of which we have never heard. She is an excellent housekeeper. Theodor is a busy man, and I take as little of his precious time as possible.

We took in the Muster, or Wuirinus, Church, an interesting building in the transition style begun in 1209. It is a basilica with naves and aisles and above them run galleries. There are some peculiarly shaped windows in this church. One of the towers is crowned with a statue of St. Quirinus, the patron saint of the town, who was probably a Roman soldier. Little Theodor, aged 5, was with me, and he would not go into the old crypt, which dates from the 11th century.

Neuss, Münster.
[The Minster-Basilica of St. Quirinus]

We had a fine dinner in 5 courses and, after this, we took a look at the large factory and the beautiful garden surrounding it. They make beautiful writing and parchment paper, and he employs about 500 hands. A musical evening brought the day to a good end.

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