Überlingen, September 5, 1909

I arose at 8 o’clock and took my early morning walk in the garden picking pears from the trees. It was raining, and so we stayed at home, and I attended to some correspondence.

In the afternoon, the son of my old teacher, Prof. Bettex, called for me and, together, we walked to his home, which is situated on a hill outside of Überlingen, called St. Leonhardt. The house is right next to an old church, and, from the veranda, you have a fine view of the lake.


St. Leonhardt, Überlingen.

Mr. Bettex received me with great joy, and together we remembered the old Salon days and the many who have passed away before us. Of course, I had to take coffee with them. He is married for the second time and has quite a number of children.

I returned at 6:30, and we passed a quiet evening in our rooms.

Editor’s note: Professor F. Bettex was the author of “Modern Science and Christianity.”


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