Neuhausen, September 11, 1909

Tante Lenchen and I took a walk this afternoon up a hill and into the woods, where, in an open spot, a service was held by the Methodist preacher. This is done a good deal in this country when the weather is favorable. The Gesangverein sang very fine. The Swiss are taught singing in school and, in consequence, they generally have very good church choirs.


Remismühle [in Hermann’s hand]

After service, we took a walk through the woods, and over meadows, passing through a very pretty little village where the inhabitants sat in front of their homes, enjoying the Sunday rest. These homes are all embellished by flowers, fruit trees, or vines are trained along the wall of the house on trellises, which gives a very pretty appearance to the house and, at the same time, it gives them fine fruit. Mama, Maja, and Emily met us at the bridge near the home of Aunt Lenchen.

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