Remismuhle, September 28, 1909

Greetings from Remismühle.
Panoramic view.

My dear Boy:

We are all mighty glad to be home again, and we made up our minds not to get out of bed any earlier than we had to, so we arose pretty late—I won’t say how late. After breakfast I wrote, and the ladies busied themselves in the kitchen, and, before we knew it, it was time for dinner. Aunt Lenchen had an excellent dinner for us, and it tasted good.

At 3:15, we started out for a walk such as Aunt L. takes every once in a while. It took us up a mountain, and you ought to have seen Mama climb. She is almost as good as a chamois at it, and she certainly kept up fine.

We reached the top of a pretty good sized mountain from where we had a fine view of the Toss Valley with its pretty villages. We descended by way of the Gyrenbad, which has an alkaline spring and is much frequented in the summer.

We had climbed some 500 feet as Gyrenbad is 2500 feet above sea level and Remismuhle only 2000 feet. We returned at 6:15 without having rested on the road, which I consider a pretty good exhibition of endurance and walking on the part of Mama.

Of course we enjoyed our supper, and we sat for a long time around the table listening to Aunt Lenchen, who told us stories of her early life in Riga and Zürich. We made preparations for our trip to Engadine, and we retired early.

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