Barbarossa, October 26, 1909

At about 5 o’clock we were awakened by a crash and a jingling noise. A large wave has dashed into the bottle washing room and played havoc with the empties. The night has been very stormy, and I do not think that we have made much headway.

No promenading today. Everybody seems glued to the chair, and time passes slowly. The waves are very high and the ocean looks grand. As our boat rises and sinks upon the waves, we have a fine view in the rear of the turbulent foamy waters. When it strikes a wave, there is a great rush of waters over the front deck, and the steerage passengers have to stay below deck.

At noon, we had covered 264 miles, and we have 725 to make by Thursday noon, which I think is not probable although it is possible. I hope to land by Thursday 3 o’clock anyhow.

We had a nice time after dinner with some of the young folks, and we did not retire before 11 o’clock which is unusually late for us.

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