Dampfer Barbarossa, 3/27/09 Saturday


The Jacobys regularly sent postcards to Miss Josephine Hunt, a good friend of the family. Miss Hunt gathered the postcards into an album that she returned to the Jacobys, giving them a pictorial account of their travels. 


Last Saturday on land. I arose early and by 8:30 went to the Astor Hotel to call for Grace and Miss Moran, who went with me to our hotel, where we waited for Mr. Owen to turn up at 9:25. We walked to the tunnel entrance on 23rd Street, and it did not take us long to get to Hoboken. Here we were met by men who carried our luggage to the steamer.

At the boat we met Hutty’s and found in our cabin flowers from “Our boy,” from the “Two families in Cincinnati,” from Uncle Ed. and Uncle Charlie,” etc., twenty-six letters and fourteen postal cards., two telegrams, etc.

The boat was crowded with people, and I was too late to get my chairs on the starboard side but procured five good seats in a corner of the dining room from where we can overlook the entire room which the girls enjoy. We are next to the Captain’s table.

Our boat started punctually at 11 o’clock with the band playing, the people cheering and waving their handkerchiefs, and I hastened below to have a chance to get my mail off with the pilot. So I did not see much of the harbor, which I regretted as I have not had a good look at New York for some years. But I came up in time to see the Statue of Liberty.

We all took lunch at 1 o’clock, which we enjoyed very much. We sat around until dinner time at 7 o’clock and wondered at the deep blue sea, the sea gulls which followed our ship and the many new sights connected with an ocean voyage.

We have a small, but very comfy cabin. I slept in the upper bunk and Schatzie below me. Emily slept on the side of the ship and, not being used to the noise of the waves, she did not sleep much.

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