March 28th, 1909 Sunday

barbarossa-2I arose at 7 o’clock and had breakfast alone, as Mama and Emily did not care to come in. It stormed so bad that people could not sit on the starboard side and had to come to our side. We got out a second batch of letters which we had not been able to read yesterday.

No lunch for any of us for we all felt too “Queer” to think of eating. At 3 o’clock I paid my first tribute to Neptune, sneaked to one side and looked over the rail. The others “Held out” bravely. Had a grouch all afternoon and went to bed early with the “Safety-can” fastened to the side of my bunk.

Got up for dinner, but did not go to dinner. We all went to bed at 8 o’clock, it was storming, raining and lightning and things were flying around “Some!” Emily wanted to know whether the ship was sinking and I kept wondering whether my stomach was sinking or coming up.

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