April 1st Thursday

barbarossa-textI had my April fool fun with some, telling them that there was a “Boat in sight.” Weather beautiful and one half the journey (to Gibraltar anyhow) completed. Mama sleeps a good deal as the air is so soft, and the noise of the boat breaking its way through the water lulls one to sleep.

Mama says it’s like being in a Fairyland. All you need do is tell someone what you would like to eat, and they bring it. “Music surrounds you, and you need not work. I only hope that I will not grow any fatter,” she winds up with. So you see, even Fairyland has its drawback.

Dinner on board, 7 p.m., is a tedious affair with a good many courses and lasts about an hour and twenty minutes. Mama and I have our selection of the long list served on a table in the ladies entrance hall to the “Saloon,” and while the band plays in the saloon, we enjoy our dinner. From nine to ten o’clock, we enjoyed a concert given by the band in the dining room of the second cabin. The band is composed of the stewards of the second cabin and they play right well. They also give us a concert every morning on the Promenade deck. We retired at 11 o’clock.

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