April 2d Friday

Starboard, the good side of the boat, is still “On the bum,” and all flock on our side, so that up to now my selection has proven the best. It is foggy and damp this morning, but the sea is fairly smooth. A fellow can get used to almost anything and “We all” will miss the rolling motion of the boat when we get on land!

Mama and I sneaked off on Emily this morning and had our breakfast together while Emily was still sleeping. As the morning proceeded, the weather grew worse and the deck being so wet, people had to stick to their chairs. It is remarkable to see how everybody brightens up when there is an excitement of any kind. The “Just sitting” is no fun, and so the call for meals is quite a welcome change, even if a fellow is not hungry.

After lunch, I, for the first time, enjoyed my cigar while the ladies took a nap. The smoking room is provided with comfortable lounges, which are in little nooks and corners with upholstering all around the walls, and picture of German cities and castles on the walls. In the afternoon “We broke the ice” by playing and singing.

We all went to dinner and enjoyed it immensely. This stately affair takes on an entirely different aspect when a fellow feels like eating and criticizing his table fellows. At ten o’clock we went to bed.

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