April 5th Monday

Gibralter-1Another beautiful day and everybody seems to be on deck. We are gradually getting to know each other, “The ice is thawing all around.”

Yesterday, we became acquainted with Dr. Alois Zechendorf and his wife, from Cincinnati, who live in Avondale right opposite from Fritz Lotze’s. Rear Admiral Ch-[sic] and wife are on board, and his wife had quite a chat with Schatzie.

The crowd is very democratic and up to now “Evening dress” has not been in evidence. But to-night we are going to have a genuine Italian concert by members of the “Met. Italian Opera Co.” (Chorus) who are on their way home, and I expect the girls will come out in full regalia.

After breakfast, we saw a sailing vessel with all sails set and a large steamer, but it did not cause one half the excitement that was created by the appearance of a spouting whale, who performed for our benefit.

We are now getting ready for Gibraltar, the landing bridge is being put in order, and things look as if we were getting home. Everybody smiles, and the ladies run around with their candy boxes “Wide open.” They realize that they cannot eat them all themselves and not wishing to pay duty on it, they give it away. We are going to make a landing at Algiers, and you may expect a line from there.

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