April 9th Friday

We awoke with the sun shining through our porthole, but the waves rolling high, and the ship laboring heavily. It is now almost a certainty that we cannot reach Naples before Saturday evening late, possibly too late to land us before Sunday morning.

Very rough all day, and everybody gloomy and disappointed except “The quintette,” which feels that they have much to be grateful for.

As it is “Good Friday,” we did not have much music, consequently the dinner was a very solemn and tedious affair. To bed at an early hour.



1 thought on “April 9th Friday

  1. Thanks for the translations, I was getting ready to look them up, when I saw you had supplied them for me. Much appreciated! Nicole and I didn’t care for Naples (huge disappointment as I was really looking forward to seeing Naples) so I say Great-Grandfather, et al. didn’t miss much.

    You seem to have inherited his way of words and turns of phrases, but he certainly lacks your joy of sitting all cozy around a table after a meal and just chatting and enjoying life. He would have been dragging us out of Uncle Bill’s every morning!


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