April 10th Saturday

We awoke early with the sun shining into the porthole and the Mediterranean as smooth as glass. By breakfast time, we knew that we would be in Naples at 5 o’clock, and all rejoiced. The band gave us a farewell concert, and we all went down to pack up.

Lunch at 1 o’clock was attended by everybody, being the last meal on the deck, and after that we started paying our compliments to the stewarts [sic]. We are now passing the isles of Ischia on “Port” and Capri on the “Starboard” (How is that?), an hour and a half more, and the fun will commence.

Arrived at five o’clock, but it took us up to seven o’clock before we could get off the boat. We were very fortunate in being met at the boat by the runner who took charge of us and saw us through the custom house. Had to open but one satchel. All well and in high spirits.


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