Rome, April 24, 1909

Say it is hard for me to remember from one day to the other, and when I miss a day in writing, I have hard work to collect my thoughts. This is Sunday evening, but I have to write last night’s part.

Well, I went to call for Grace, and together we went to Cooks and ordered our tickets. We then went to the Jesuit Church, which is being richly decorated with crimson and gold drapery and hundreds of candelabres for a festival.

We again went to the Pantheon and the Church of M. Minerva and found both closed. In the afternoon, we took a cab, and, after some shopping, we drove by way of the Piazza Quirinal, where is the palace, formerly a summer residence of the Popes. It is now the royal palace and said to be comfortably furnished.

The fountain in the center of the Piazza is adorned by two colossal groups, which were found lying in the neighborhood among the ruins of the Baths of Constantine. Next, we drove to the Fontana di Frevi, a grand and beautiful fountain which was erected in 1740. It is adorned with fine figures and huge works.

We called at the Post Office and were delighted to receive your letter of the 9th. Glad to hear of the Republican victory. Say, you had better address your envelopes on the typewriter as they do not recognize your J.’s. To show you how much we appreciate your letters, let us tell you that this one was read three times since we received it.

We next drove to the Pizza del Popolo where the three beautiful streets–the Corso, the Barbuino and the Ripetta—meet. It is surrounded by beautiful old churches. In the center rises an Egyptian granite obelisque with hieroglyphics which come from the Gardens of Sallust.

Rome. Piazza del Popolo, seen from the Pincio (architect Giuseppe Valadier, 1762–1839).

We had a fine drive in the Pincio and saw the Borghese Palace, also the drive through the Villa Borghese, which is laid out like Forest Park. On our way home, the driver pointed out to us a monument of Goethe, and the old German looks good to me among all the old Romans.

When we reached home, I bought some oranges and figs, as we feast on fruit while we can get it so fresh and luscious.

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