Rome, Sunday, April 25th


Rome. Church of the Trinity of the Mountains above the Spanish steps.

Another week has passed, time flies. I arose in good time to go to that new church of St. Joachin, built by Leo XIII, which contains some fine modern windows and fresco paintings. Here I witnessed a procession. The cars move so slowly that I had to go home in order to be in time for Church service at the Methodist Church. After service, we met Bishop Burt and his wife, who knows Tante Lenchen well and who invited us to visit her at Zurich. She gave Mama a pretty bouquet of lilies of the valley. The dinner is such a slow affair that it was 3 o’clock before we retired for our nap.

We then took the car to the Piazza del Popolo and made the ascent to the Pincio where they had music. There were 100s of fine carriages and thousands of Pedestrians. We had quite a time getting home and had to walk quite a distance to find a car with empty seats. Everybody seemed to be out, and it was a great sight for us.

And so ends our visit to Rome, I have my fill, there is too much of it, and we are all glad to “Move on.”


Rome. Church of St. Peter (interior).

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