Florence, Monday, April 26th

We arose at 6 o’clock and, at 8, the “Facchino” called for our grips and found us a nice place in the train. We also had good company, a young man and his mother from California, who were fellow passengers on the Barbarossa, Grace and Miss M. came, too, and got into the car before us. It was a very pleasant ride of about 5 1/2 hours, and we landed on time.

I had written to the “Helvetia Hotel,” and it feels good to get into a nice hotel for a change again. We had to pay on $23.00, including tips, for our six-day stay in the Pension of Miss Hall in Rome, and I have written to another one in Venice, where Miss Hall says a young lady will act as our guide.

We all went to the hotel and got nice rooms. After a good wash, we took a look around and were glad to find the streets less noisy and cleaner and nicer all around. A good dinner and a concert in the Smoking Room, and we were all ready to go to bed.


Dining room at the Hotel Helvetia, Florence.

Oh yes, of course we rushed to Cook’s, and I received your letter of March 31st forwarded from Capri, and at the P.O., I received Becker’s letter of the 15th in which he speaks of one you wrote on the 13th, and which I hope to get to-morrow. Also received the Post Dispatch, April 11th, and looked at it, but did not read much, as we are kept so busy.

Tell Brother Becker many thanks for letter, which I will answer by a Postal as he sees all of my letters to you, I suppose. Have an invitation from Prof. Stroeter to stay with them.

And now, good night, I expect a busy day to-morrow. Hope to hear all about your Auto. of which Brother B. writes. All send love, Grace says she is true to you.



Billiards salon and bar at the Hotel Helvetia, Florence.

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