Innsbruck, Tuesday, May 11th, 1909


Innsbruck, view with Kayser [guest house], Castle Weiherburg and Mariabrunn [Hotel].

I guess Mama worked too hard yesterday for she is not well and has to stop eating, which is a bad sign. So I went out alone and saw the St. Jakobs Church, which has a fine picture of the Virgin by L. Cranach, and from here to the Landes Museum where I saw some very fine cartoons in sepia by Karl Von. Blaas, 1815–1893, in Vienna, one especially, the “Sermon on the Mount” has a fine grouping and a beautiful Christ.

I could not find any of his pictures or cartoons in the art store, and I shall try again in Vienna, although the Art Dealer told me that he had never seen any copies of his pictures. I saw some very fine old weapons and old windows, also implements of torture and old Tyrolean costumes, etc.

The Franz Defreggers pictures of the war scenes of the Tyrolean emancipation war of 1809 are especially fine as are Unterberger’s pictures of Amalfi Porte di Capri, etc.

Home for a good dinner and, after that, Emily and I undertook our first long walk to the Berg Isel. There is where the Tyroleans fought their battle with the French and where the Hofer Monument is. We had a grand view from here over Innsbuck and the surrounding country. We strengthened ourselves with a Pilsener and then marched on to Leopold Monument, which is on the road to Garberbach and the Stephans Brucke. A three-hours trot seemed enough for the first venture, but it certainly gave us an appetite for more, and we shall try another to-morrow.

Your letter of the 29th reached us to-day, which is pretty good time, I think. Glad to hear of your attempts at the garden, and I hope you will succeed. Trouble about my letters is that I can seldom find a scale to weigh them, and so I have to guess at it, but I will try and franc them sufficiently after this.

Mother has been sleeping all day, and I hope that she will sleep herself well and go with us gain to-morrow. I hope that you will have no trouble with Tutsie and that she will come down and out all right. I must close for to-night, as I am tired and ready go to bed. It is raining now, but I think that it is only a shower. I like this place, but the house is cold, and we have to have a fire in the room.

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