München, Saturday, May 15, 1909

We purchased tickets to make a trip around the town and started at 10 o’clock in a large open bus with four horses. We had a good guide, who explained everything to us, and he also put in some good and some very stale jokes.

This is a wonderful city, laid out to please the eye, and it has such a wealth of galleries, museums and fine churches that we cannot possibly see but a small part of it. It is a very old city, founded in 1158 by Henry the Lion, and it has now about 540,000 inhabitants. It is the center of Art, the German Athens.

We enjoyed our ride very much and took our dinner in the Rath haus Keller under the Rath haus. The new Rath haus is a handsome gothic edifice, which was completed in 1905 and has an equestrian statue of Prince Regent Luitpold.

Munich, Rathaus [City Hall]

By the way, we saw the old gentleman, who is more than 80 years old, while we were stopping in front of the Luitpold Restaurant this morning, and he made us a very profound bow, which we of course returned.

Say, that Luitpold Restaurant is a beauty, wonderful rooms fitted up in grand style.

Well, after dinner, we walked around looking at the buildings, the shop windows and the people. We also went into the Frauen Kirche, the land mark of München, and its cathedral. It is 320’ long and 118 feet broad, and the vaulting is 108’ high, erected in 1468, and has two immense towers 318’ high. The windows, each 65’ high, are filled with fine old stained glass of the 15th and 16th century.

Here is an old Turkish flag captured in 1688 at Belgrade. The monument of Emperor Louis the Bavarian, who died in 1317, is a fine catafalque in dark marble with figures and decorations in bronze. Four Knights in bronze on the corners guard the tomb. There is a spot in this church from which no one of the 30 large windows are visible except the grand window behind the altar. The wood carving of the high altar piece (Coronation of Mary), the choir stalls, the archbishops throne, and the pulpit is wonderful in its execution.

I called at the P.O. and received Brother Becker’s letter of the 27th (rather late) and glad to hear from home. (Hope Rags has returned with the usual amount of burrs.)

We went home and took a snooze as we intended to go out in the evening and see some of the München life. About 8 o’clock, we started out and walked over to the Bamberger Hotel Concert Hall. Here we found crowds of people enjoying their “Braune” and listening to the songs and music of a Tyroler troup.

We had a very enjoyable evening and Emily struck up a chat with a young “Son of Mars” who explained some of the songs and music to her. Of course we had to “Drink with the Munchener,” and this time it was “Spaten Brau.” Home in good time and glad to get to bed.

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