München [Munich] May 14, 1909

We arose early this morning and enjoyed the scenery once more as far as it could be seen, for it was cloudy and drizzling.

At 12 o’clock, we went to the depot and, when the train came in, we were fortunate enough to secure a compartment with three seats, and we enjoyed the excellent lunch which Mr. Kayser had provided. As to the scenery, we could not see very much, but what we did see “Looked good” to us, being so very different from our American prairie. Some nice castles and quaint looking old villages and the many different shades of green in the fields and woods were very pleasant to the eye.

We reached München about 4:30 and our hotel, the “National Simmen,” a very good and inexpensive place. After a good supper, we went to the hall of the “Lowenbrau” where we listened to a good concert by a military band and saw the genuine München life. Hundreds of men and women in a large hall drinking the “Grosse Braune” and eating “Pretzel,” which a girl carried around on a stick, 2-1/2¢ worth being tied up on a string and slipped over the stick and dealt out to the ones who had the money and the appetite. Mama enjoyed the music immensely, she declares it to be the best she has every heard.


Bavaria Hall of Fame, Munich.

Editor’s note: “Grosse braune” (large brown) is a large coffee, black with a bit of milk and steamed like espresso. 

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