Nürnberg, May 22, 1909

Nürnberg panorama.

We went out early in the morning and bought a new hat for mama and walked around a little. After dinner we took a car and rode around the old town twice, and I went into the old town to the market and looked at the Schoene Brunnen, a fountain erected in 1385 and restored in 1903 according to a colored drawing of the original which has been preserved since 1541.

Nürnberg, “Beautiful fountain at the main market.”

The gothic pyramid, which is 63 feet high, has numerous figures of celebrated men of all ages, emperors and Bible characters Christian, Jewish and Pagan worthies, also Moses and the seven prophets. Evangelists, Church Fathers, etc. There is a bronze railing of wonderful execution around it. The Neptune Fountain is another fine work of Art. It is a copy, as the original was sold to the Russian Emperor and now graces the Peterhof near St. Petersburg.

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