Nürnberg, May 23, 1909

Overall view of the Imperial Castle. Nature view, according to the model located in the castle. [Editor’s note: very rough translation]

This is Sunday, and I went to hear a German Methodist preacher in one of our churches of which we have two in this city.

After the service, he accompanied me home to get acquainted with Mama and Emily. Tante Lenchen had gone to Heroldberg to see her friend, the Baramin von Geuder, and her daughter, the Freun von Geuder, who lived in an old Schloss at this village.

She came back and brought us an invitation for to-morrow afternoon, which we of course were glad to accept as we have heard so much of the Schloss and its inhabitants.
In the afternoon, we went to the Stadtpark and heard some music and we were glad to spend the evening at home as we have so much to relate to each other.

Castle courtyard.

Castle from the south.

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