Berlin, July 11, 1909

King’s Square. Reichstags [German Parliament], Victory column

Mama and Emily went to the meeting, and Hermann and I went to the Tiergarten and sat on a bench taking in the fresh air and the promenaders.

I had gone to our church in the Junker Strauss where Uncle Achard was the pastor for many years, but I came too late as their meeting started at 10 o’clock.

We walked across the Wilhelm Platz, one of the many nice squares in Berlin. It is adorned with states of six heros of the three Silesian wars of Frederick the Great. Schwerin who fell at Prague; Winterfeldt, Frederick’s favorite; Seydlitz, the hero of Rossbach; Keith, who fell at Hochkirchen; the gallant Zeiteb; and the old Dessauer, the victor of Kesselsdorf.

Berlin W.
Monument to Frederick the Great.

We took dinner in the Kaiser Keller and, afterwards, took a stroll in the Tiergarten and saw the monument to Lessing and the one to Goethe. We took coffee at Kessler’s old coffee house on Unter den Linden, which is one of the old landmarks of Berlin and formerly was the fashionable meeting place of the officers.

Supper at the Rheingold and to bed in good time.

Albrecht der Bär / Albert the Bear [the first Margrave of Brandenburg from 1157 to 1170, also Duke of Saxony from 1138 and 1142]

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