Berlin, July 10, 1909

This has not been a very strenuous day. I stayed home with Mama to attend to my correspondence, while Hermann took Emily to the old and new Museum. For a change we took dinner at Schultjeis on the Potsdammer Platz, one of the busiest corners in Berlin.

By a police arrangement you are enabled to cross the street in this and other busy places without danger of being run over. The vehicles on one side have to stop until a certain number of vehicles and cars on the cross side have passed. Then the policeman blows a horn, and the vehicles and cars on the cross side stop to let those who have accumulated on the intersecting street pass, and so it goes all day, and pedestrians have a chance to get across the streets, too.

We went to Wertheim’s to do some buying. This is the largest and best arranged store which I have ever seen. It occupies at least a block and is arranged in such a manner that the floors receive the light from immense glass roofs, so that very little is any artificial light is used.

There are summer and winter gardens in which you can sit for hours without being molested, as well as refreshment rooms where you call at the counter for what you wish to eat or drink and take it to a table and enjoy it without being disturbed by waiters.

The departments are distributed in galleries which surround a large square court which is the glass roof. The articles are all laid out or hung in such a manner that you can see them and the price is marked plainly. You have to call for a clerk, and the only drawback is that sometimes you have to wait quite a while before you can be waited on.

They carry a great variety of things among which I noticed several rooms filled with antique furniture, Oriental rugs and furniture. I bought the American Circus figures here for the Neuss children. I told Emily that you buy anything in Berlin, and she did open her eyes when the saleslady brought out the “circus” in different sizes. “Gerade wie in Amerika” (just like in America).

We took a stroll to the “Zelt” popular restaurants near the Tiergarten, so called (tents) from their original construction. Now they are nice buildings with large gardens, and the one we visited, the Kaier Wilhelm Zelt, had two bands of music which took turns in playing.

Leipziger Street

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