Wernigerode, July 15, 1909

Berlin. Monument to Bismarck.

Hermann III called with two boxes of candy, and we three took breakfast together at the hotel. After an affectionate “tip leaving farewell,” we rode to the depot, where we were met by Hermann II with two bouquets of roses.

A pleasant ride of four hours with no change of cars brought us to this place where we were met by Prof. Stroeter. We took a carriage to the hotel, which is charmingly situated on the hill, within a block of Prof. Stroeter’s home. Pleasant corner room on the first floor called Parterre [ground floor].

We had a very good dinner and afternoon coffee at Stroeters where we met Miss Esslinger, daughter of Rev. Esslinger, and Luella Nuelsen with her three boys. We all took a walk up to the Schloss of Count Stollberg Wernigerode, which is high up on a hill and has been renovated of late. It looks very picturesque and we can see it whenever we step out of the house.

Wernigerode (Harz).
Bollhasental and Castle.

More in my next, it is time to go to bed.

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