Wernigerode, July 16, 1909

This is a beautiful place and we are within 1/2 block of Prof. Stroeter’s home. I telephoned over to Adolf, who is with Max in a Sanatorium in Schierke, about an hour’s ride with the cars from here.

We took dinner at Stroeters’ and celebrated the third anniversary of John L. Nuelsen, Jr.’s birthday. He is a lively and smart little chap. Luella is here with her three boys and expects to stay until Sept.

After a nap, which seems to be one of the necessities in this country, we walked through woods up to the Harburg, where we took coffee, another necessity. There is a Bismarck monument up on this mountain, and we had a fine view from the platform in front of the monument.

Wernigerode on Harz Mountains.
Villas on Kreuzberg und Jägerkopf with Harburg and Armeleuteberg.
[“Our home,” handwritten note with arrow.]

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