Schierke, July 17, 1909

Took train for Schierke, where we arrived about 11 o’clock and found Cousin Adolf Jacoby waiting for us at the depot. He reminds me of Uncle John, for he has a good deal of his mannerism. He had been in America and Australia in his early youth, “roughing it,” and he certainly is an old bachelor and no mistake.

He is called the “Groschen Onkel,” because he delights to give his nieces and nephews and those he loves a ten Pfennig piece (called a groschen) and, sure enough, gave Emily and Mama each a 10 Mark (gold piece) for he said, “I am so delighted to see you that a 10 Pfennig isn’t good enough for you, so here is a 10 Mark, but you will get the 10 Pfennig too,” and he did give them each a 10 Pfennig later on. To me, he kept giving cigars.

Max, who is staying here on account of his broken health, was in good spirits and seems to enjoy our visit. He lost his wife lately and is very much broken down as he has suffered from asthma from his early youth. We had a good dinner with them, and Mama and Max each retired for a nap, while Adolf, Emily and I took a walk around Schierke.

The station lies about 300 feet higher than the village, which is a great health resort. The Bode River runs along here, and the scenery is very fine. We returned in time for coffee and found the two much refreshed by their nap.

We walked to the depot through the grand old pine and beech woods, very pleasant, and Adolf kept up a continuous talk in which he mentioned you again and again. He speaks very highly of you, but thinks we both ought to have kept him posted regarding our coming to Berlin, so that he could have been better prepared.

Home in time for supper and to bed in good time.

Schierke v. d. Mauseklippe
[Mauseklippe translates to “mouse cliffs”; not sure what “v. d.” stands for.]

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