Bremen, 31 July 1909

I went to the North German Lloyd this morning and looked up my old friend Ernest Gartner. How familiar the names of the old streets looked to me.

Walking through Knochenhauser Str., I came to the corners of the Wegensende, Papen, and Pelzer streets, and here I found an immense building on which they are still making additions. It is divided into different departments, and I took the ladies into the Passenger Depot where they took seats in a neat little cozy corner with upholstered seats and tables for the accommodation of visitors.

I had to go to another entrance in the Grosse Hunde Strasse and upon an elevator to the Central Buchhalerei, where I found Gartner, just the same little fellow and just as “Zappelich” as of old. He is one of the oldest employees of the Lloyd and has been in their service for 47 years. When they had their anniversary, he received a medal from the senate and one from the Lloyd.

He came down with me and I engaged passage on the S.S. Barbarossa, the same on which we crossed the ocean, which sails on the 16th of October. So this matter has been settled. We decided to move to another hotel as they are building an addition to the Stadt Munchen, and I made arrangements at the “Berliner Hof” for us.

Hotel Berliner.
Owner: J. E. F. Bade
Station Square No. 8, directly opposite the station.
Completely new.
Reasonable prices.

Gartner and wife called in the afternoon, and we all went to the depot to call for Dr. A. J. Nast and wife. In order to be allowed to enter the platform where the train arrives, you have to take a 10 d. (2 1/2 cent) ticket which you can get off an Automatic Machine.

The train arrived at 7:20, and we took the company to our hotel, where we all had supper together, that is Nasts, Gartners, Rev. Burkhardt, Rev. Gruenewald and we three. We had a delightful chat and went to bed at a late hour.


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