Bremen, August 1, 1909

It is Sunday, we walked from the hotel to George Strasse 59, where in former years Father had his office and where the book concern was located. Here, I spent some years as an apprentice or, rather, as office boy. In the second story is the chapel of the Bremen Congregation, and here I sat in the same place where Mama and her children sat in years gone by.

Above the pulpit is a tablet in memory of Father with an appropriate inscription of his work. Paul preached a very good sermon.

Memories of the past crowded themselves around me, and faces of those long gone home arose before my mental vision. Fifty years ago, I sat in this spot and listened to Father’s sermons. As of old, we walked home along the Courtescarpe.

Here is the house where Grahaus lived; where are they now? Here “Beim Wandrahu” is the old Fire Engine House, but much enlarged. Right along the Stadtgraben, where we skated, and past the street where Fraulein Stadtlander lived, past the old Schwanen Apoteke, we reached the new Nord Strasse with its neat homes and arrived at the new home of the Traktathaus (book concern), which has been erected on the spot where we formerly had our vegetable garden.

Had a good dinner at Gruenewald’s. They have seven children of which four are boys and three girls. We had Schaum torte for dessert. Unfortunately, I had spoilt my stomach on Schwarzbrodt and could not do justice to the torte.

After dinner, a nap, and Mrs. Nast walked home with me. We walked around to the Zewid Str. and had a look at the old Verdins Strasse, and I described to them the old Missionhaus, now demolished, and its site, occupied by a large building which contains our printing office and bindery.

I found my way along the Baum Strasse and the Altenaer Str., where the old Kinder Bewahr Anmstalt (kindergarden) is still standing. Some of the old houses occupied by market gardeners are still standing. One story with high gables, the roofs so low that you can reach them with your hand, covered with red tiling, they now look out of place and still so very cozy.

[Editor’s note: Schwarzbrot is a dark brown, sweet-tasting bread made with at least 90% whole rye grain and baked slowly, as much as 24 hours, to allow the sugars to caramelize.]

Vinegar house (Old Bremer-house)

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