Bremen, August 4, 1909

Shopping, dinner at Armine’s and another Schaumtorte which tasted good as it did in ye olden times. After a nap, Paul and I took a walk to the Freihafen.

This harbor has been made where formerly the Schwinsweide was situated. It is surrounded by large cranes which transfer the goods from the ships to the warehouses. Here I saw large quantities of large cedar logs which are used for the manufacture of cigar boxes.

We walked to the river Weser, and I saw the place where, at my time, “Hufland” had a swimming school where I learned to swim, and where today hundreds of children and grown people were bathing and playing in the sand.

Roter Sand Lighthouse and Weser Estuary.

We walked past the old Windmill verdem Stephaniter, saw the old prison, the bakery shop where the family bought their Zwieback, the old home on the Wall, Gartner’s old home near the Windmill, and along the Wall to the Deventher, where Harttroff’s mother lived and where we watched the ducks and swans sitting on their eggs, brooding.

Here at the old Abbenter are some of the very, very old houses. Here is Kippenberg’s Schule, and now we pass along the old Spitzenfiel where I trotted many a time with a heavy heart and lagging steps to school at Pietach’s.

We called for Ernest at the Lloyd and took coffee at the Central Halle and walked out to the Burgerpark, which was laid out in 1866 and has grown to a most beautiful park with numerous restaurants, of course. More about Bremen in my next.

We are all happy because the sun is shining every day.

Your Dad.

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