Bremen, August 8, 1909

Time flies. I heard of the old German Methodist preachers, Rev. Geerdes Odinga, who studied under Father in the fifties. He is 77 years old and was glad to see me.

I took my seat in the church next to Elise Kiel, our old seamstress, and her face was a study when I sat down next to her. She couldn’t very well make any demonstration, but you could see the pleasure and happiness in her face.

I also met another old timer, Hermann Fiege, an old friend of Uncle John’s (in his boyhood days), and he promised to show me the house in which I was born. I was introduced to a young woman of 93 years who still sits in the market place in summer and winter selling eggs for a living—hale and hearty with red checks and without any knowledge of “nerves” I guess.

We spent a pleasant afternoon and evening at Gartners’.

Market place, Willehad Fountain
[Willehad, 745–789, was the first bishop of Bremen.]

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