Bremen, August 14, 1909

All three of us took a walk to the Bremer Bank, and thence to the Historical Museum, which is in a building next to the Dome and which you probably overlooked, as it is opened only on Saturdays from 10 to 1.

I told Mama and Emily to wait downstairs until I had taken a look, as we had to climb some three or four flights of stairs. It proved to be a very interesting collection of old things in connection with Bremen History.

As I hurried through the room, I happened to look at a lot of old portraits, (steel engravings) hanging on the wall, and you may imagine my surprise when I saw among them the portrait of my father, made in 1856. Of course, I hurried downstairs and brought the ladies up and we stood in front of the picture for quite a while. So it will go to posterity as a historic picture.

Ludwig Sigismund. Jacoby, 1813–1874.
[Editor’s note: Hermann’s father, Ludwig, a physician, was born of Jewish parents in Germany. After converting to Methodism, he founded the Salem Methodist Church in St. Louis. Later, his missionary work in Bremen resulted in the Methodist Church of Germany.]

I saw some other pictures of Bremen notables, Senators, Burgemasters, and Pastors Doctors, and Artists. Senator Heinecke, Pastor Mallett, etc. It was quite a treat to see these and the models of ships, tools of mechanics, chests of the guilds and old furniture and parts of old houses as found and donated to the Museum.

After dinner, Ernest Gartner and I went out on the Schwachhauser Chausse, a road leading into the suburb Horn, where the rich Bremen merchants have erected their palatial houses. We took a walk around Horn and looked at the old church too.

On the way back, I saw the old summer garden, Ludwigslust, where, in days gone by, Father would take us for an outing and where our Sunday School would have their picnic. I also looked up the shop where Rohde, who painted one of the Dome windows, does his work, but it was too late to call on him.

Home and to bed in good time.

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