Bremen, August 15, 1909

Up in time, as church commences at 10 o’clock. I said goodbye to Elise Kiel and Frl. Heiligenstaedt, and, after Sunday School, Hanna Burkhardt, Armine’s boys and I took a walk to look up the old house in which Pietsch had his school, but did not succeed in locating it. But I showed her our house on the Wall and walked along the Tannenstr. and Stephanithorssteinweg, to see whether I could find Hagedorn’s house.

We came to the old Wallfischgang, which leads from the Stephansteinwag to the Baumstrasse, and there I saw the name of Hagedorn on an old house, and Hanna told me that two old maids live in it. I wonder whether they are relatives of the H’s we knew. The old cross alley leading from the Wallfischgang to Teckelnborgs is still in existence, but not used.

Dinner at Grünewalds and you ought to see his chix “pitch in.” They certainly have good appetites. After dinner, Hanna took me to Betty Schomburg’s, and I saw her aunt, the sister of Rev. Aug. Flamman. We talked olden times.

We also looked at the Haus Seefarth, which has been moved to the Lützowerstrasse, but the old gate has been re-erected and looked very familiar.

Supper at Burkhardt’s, and here I saw the old desk which Father used at the Missionshaus. It is made with inlaid wood and has a secret drawer. I recognized it and remembered how Father used to sit in front of it and talk to me in his kind and loving way when I had done some mischief.

Home in the early evening, and Mrs. Burkhardt has been sick. Hanna and her brother saw us to the hotel, and, after packing our suit cases, we retired for the night.

City Hall cellar—Cat barrel.

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