Frankfurt, August 26, 1909

Eschenheimer Tower.
[from text on back: Eschenheimer Tower was built in 1346.]

I had to buy a new suitcase. Your old one, which I have been using for my traps, went to pieces. They are higher in price here than in America, but I thought it best to buy a good one. I also went out with Hortense to buy some flower seeds.

Charles called for me, and we took dinner at his club. We then went to see the new part of the Rathaus where they have an excellent window by Luthi, representing Peace and its beneficial results. We took a car to the new St. Matthaeus Kirche of which I have a book with illustrations and descriptions. The windows, some of which were made by Luthi, are very fine. It is arranged similar to our American Churches and has, in the basement, Sunday School and other rooms with movable partitions.

Returning to the hotel, we took the ladies to a confectionery where we had coffee and torte in the approved German way.

I then went to the Missionshaus and Bro. Junker called the students together, and I had to speak to them of old times.

We went to take supper with Dr. Bucher, who is Professor at the Missionshaus and one of my old friends. He is married to Marie Gebhardt who, years ago, made a tour of the U.S. with her father. We spent a very fine evening and went home to pack up for to-morrow.


Frankfurt. Bismarck monument. “Let us put Germany, so to speak, into the saddle! You will see that she can ride.” —Bismarck 1867

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