Interlaken, September 22, 2019

We took a walk this morning on the Hohenweg, the chief resort of the visitors. It is an avenue of old walnuts and planes flanked on one side by beautiful hotels, with fine gardens in front of them, and on the other side with tempting shops, among which there are a good many dealing in objects carved of wood and ivory and others in Swiss Embroidery.

The avenue commands a good view of the Jungfrau with her dazzling shroud of eternal snow; the young lady has a height of 13,670 feet. Next to her is the Mönch, 13,465, and the Eiger 13,040. Opposite the Kurhaus, we sat down to listen to a part of the morning concert, and the first piece they played for us was Sousa’s Cadets’ March.

We continued on our road and crossed the river. There over the Brienz bridge to the Harder station of the cable railway. We were pulled up 2640 feet, and we enjoyed the beautiful scenery, which gradually unfolded itself as we rose higher and higher. The trip took us 21 minutes and another 3 minutes’ walk, through pine woods, brought us to the restaurant.

From here, we had a fine view of the Bernses Alps, Interlaken and the Lake of Thun. We enjoyed our lunch with this grand scenery before us. Besides the three mountains mentioned above, we saw the top of the Grosse Schreckhorn, another mountain giant. We certainly did the right thing in leaving Switzerland for the last. All other mountains which we have seen before this are but small hills compared with these.

We descended, or, rather, we were lowered with a hitch, and I was glad to get down again, for it is a peculiar feeling to be pulled up to such a height by a wire rope attached to a car.

We took a good look at the shops and retired to our rooms well satisfied with what we have seen of Interlaken and its surroundings.

View from Harder (1325 m) on Interlaken and Alps.

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