Interlaken, September 21, 1909

Dear Chas:

Yours of the 9th reached us here, and we all enjoyed it ever so much while sitting in that little corner room of this hotel, eating our supper in the usual number of courses, with time enough between each course to eat a rapid transit railroad, “Hand me out.”

We like this hotel. It is a good, moderate priced house with clean beds and good grub. We did not like to leave Montreux, but we had to part, and so we arose in good time and took the wonderful Bernese Oberland Electric line to Zweisimmen, and thence the regular railroad to this place.

We started at 10:22 from the station, which is right opposite the hotel. Again, it was a bright sunshiny day with a blue sky on which some pure white clouds floated along, and, as our train of 5 electric cars gradually ascended from 1300 feet to a height of 3190 at Les Avants, we had a fine view of Montreux and the Lake of Geneva, looking almost like the Bay of Naples contracted into a smaller space. It is a sight which I will never forget.

Lake Geneva.

We were ascending upward in long snake like windings with constantly changing scenery before us. A tunnel of 8200 feet in length carried us right up through a mountain. We passed through the most beautiful pastures which I have ever seen, and, at last, I saw the genuine Swiss houses as we have learned to know them by pictures.

You could tell, by them and the general appearance of the people, that we were in a rich part of the country. At Schönried, we had reached a height of 4050 feet, and here we had a striking view of the frowning Rublihorn, the serrated Gunnflush, the snow fields of the Sanetsch beyond it, and, lastly, the huge Gelten Glacier.

At Saaven, we reached the summit of the pass in a broad Alpine Valley, clotted with chalets and hay sheds. From here, our transit became more rapid as we descended the verdant valley of the Kleine Simme, and we reached Zweissimmen at 1:20 p.m. As we did not take advantage of the Dining Car, which was attached to the train, we secured a “Hand out,” at this station, and this enabled us to enjoy the scenery, which continued to be beautiful and grand. The change from the electric to the steam car was quickly made, and a comfortable seat secured and away we went.

We descended again some 500 feet, running constantly along side the river Simme and crossing it in a gorge by a viaduct, 100 feet above the torrent. The big mountains were almost constantly in view and, at Spiez, we got the first glimpse of the Lake of Thun and the mountains on its north bank. At the same time, we had a fine view of the Bernese Alps. Skirting along the banks of the lake, we reached Interlaken (Between the Lakes), at 3 o’clock.

We had not far to go to the hotel, and we certainly enjoyed our cup of coffee, buns and honey, which they call “Coffee Complete.” Afterwards, we took a walk toward the Heimwehfluh, but being too tired to enjoy the scenery, we decided to go back to the hotel for a rest, while Emily went “Shop gazing.” One good look at the beautiful, but cold, Jungfrau and the fine gray haired Mönch, and we retired to the hotel.


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