Remismuhle, October 3, 1909

We passed a very quiet morning at home, which was not very long as we arose rather late. After a good dinner, we started for a walk up the hill at about 3 o’clock and were rewarded for our climb by the sight of the Sentis, the Kurfirsten, the Rigi, Pilatus and, in short, the entire chain of Alps as seen from this part of the country with 9 balloons of the Gordon Bennett Balloon Rave (following each other in succession) thrown in for good measure.

For supper we had Brook Trout, which grow out here in the pretty little river Toss. Doesn’t that make your mouth water? And now, my dear boy, I must close this letter. We are hesitating about our future movements. Only one week with Tante Lenchen remains, and we dislike very much to shorten it by another excursion, and still the mountains keep beckoning for us to come and seem to draw us by their magnetic power. I am in love with them.

To climb one of them in order to obtain a good view of other and larger ones is a pleasure, and, as you walk along and climb upwards, the constantly changing scenery makes you forget yourself, and you do not feel any fatigue from the exertion until you reach home again. It is fascinating and lifts you higher and brings you nearer to your God.

A week from to-morrow we start for Basel where we will spend one day. Thence to Paris and, on Sunday morning the 17th, we will climb on board the Barbarossa, and each day will bring us nearer to you and home sweet home.

Auf Baldiges Wiedersehn. [To Meet Again Soon]

[Mountain Goat]
Ludwig Fromme

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