Remismuhle, October 7, 1909

Municipal Theatre.

We took our chance and left for Zürich this morning together with Tante Lenchen and Alfred. We could not see much of the lake and the mountains surrounding Zürich, but we transacted our business, cashing a check which had come at such an opportune time and took our lunch at the Metropolitan Restaurant. After that we took a ride on the cars and on a cable road up the hill were Aunt Lenchen at formerly lived. It is a beautiful spot, and I can understand how hard it was for her to leave it.

We enjoyed but a limited view, and so we returned to the city and called on Miss Gertie Knecht, one of Lenchen’s oldest and most intimate friends. We found her to be a very nice and amiable lady who speaks good English as well as German, and, of course, Emily was delighted to find someone to whom she could chatter away in English.

Miss Knecht lives in a house owned by an old lady together with several others, and she has surrounded these different and separate houses with a beautiful garden, or rather Park, and here, in the heart of the city, you can imagine yourself “Out in the woods.”

Of course there are pretty spots from where you can enjoy the view of the lake in the mountains, and here we sat and chatted with a fine view of the new? Church. Home at 8 o’clock.


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