Lugano, October 8, 1909

We left Remismuhle this morning at 10 o’clock and walked around in Zürich in the rain until train time, 3:15 PM. We then passed over the St. Gotthard railway, which I have described in a former letter, as far as Goeschenen.

Here we entered the celebrated tunnel which is 9 1/4 miles in length and cost more than 11 million dollars. It is 3 miles shorter than the Simplon tunnel, but long enough to suit us for it took us 15 minutes to pass through it.

When we emerged on the other side, it was pitch dark, but sky clear, and we promised ourself good weather for tomorrow. We took the bus to our hotel, the “International Au Lac,” on the lake, and it is pretty situated.

More in my next.

Your Dad


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